Starting at 3 Easy Payments of $43.33
INCLUDES FREE 5 Pack of Cup Liners
PLUS BONUS $20 Paint Rebate
  • Use Paint or Stain Right From the Can
  • Save Time - Cover Large Areas Quickly

  • No More Messy Rollers and Pans
  • Complete, Even Coverage 
  • Puts Paint Right Where You Want it

  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Cleans Up in 5 Minutes
Transform Your Home
In No Time At All
Get Your Painting Done Faster and Get Back to Doing What You Love.
The Wagner FLEXiO is an indoor/outdoor sprayer great for all painting projects. The X-Boost Turbine provides unmatched power that allows you to spray paint right from the can. The simple controls give you complete adjustability and control for your painting projects.

The FLEXiO comes with the iSpray Nozzle that gives you a consistent and even professional finish spraying on broad surfaces like walls, decks, fences and more. The optional Detail Front End gives you an ultra-smooth finish that is perfect for cabinets, trim and furniture.  

With FLEXiO, you can get your painting done fast and with less effort. Best of all cleanup is a breeze, simple rinse clean in 5 minutes.  
No Job is Too Big or Too Small with FLEXiO
Perfect For All Those Indoor & Outdoor Projects That Make Your Home Beautiful!
Walls, Ceilings, Trim, Molding
Fences, Decks, Rails, Patios
Patio Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Vases

A Faster, Better Way to a Beautiful Finish
Wagner Makes it Simple & Easy to Paint Like a Professional!
Hear Why People Love their FLEXiO Paint System
“FLEXiO gives me consistent coverage where I want that coverage to be. The finish is beautiful. I’m not a professional, but it made me look like I was.”
“I find with a normal brush or roller it takes a lot more time, a lot more paint and you do not ever achieve that perfect finish that you are going for with the FLEXiO, I did one coat and it looked perfect. I love… Love my FLEXiO.”
“When I use the FLEXiO sprayer I can do precise edging…around the molding of the doors. I can get to where it is covered evenly. I built by kitchen and I finished it with the FLEXiO sprayer and it turned out wonderful.”

Get the Complete FLEXiO System!
Starting at 3 Easy Payments of $43.33

INCLUDES FREE 5 Pack of Cup Liners 
PLUS BONUS $20 Paint Rebate